David Joppart

Actor - French male voice-over

The voice is the instrument that brings your communication to life

Today, our exchanges are increasingly connected and affordable thanks to digital tools.

These tools equip my studio to offer you remote recording sessions.
With 30 years of experience, I can help you enhance your message or brand
with a warm, reassuring, round tone of voice.

A voice that speaks to you, that addresses you.

The ubiquity of artificial intelligence cannot surpass humanity in our communication.


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  • Pub (46)
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Pub Playful/Dynamic Game/Cartoon

Trivial Pursuit (TV Spot)

The services

Need to record a voice-over? The world of voice is vast, and so is mine.
I work with you in the studio of your choice or from my high-end recording booth, with a real-time HD internet audio connection. Source-Connect, SessionLinkPRO, Teams, Zoom or Skype are all possibilities for you to be my coach in a real remote controlled recording session. The recordings are delivered within 24 hours in wav, aiff, aac, or mp3 formats in 44.1 or 48kHz 24 bit

joppart voice over icon pub

Advertising voices

The voice signature of your advertising projects for television, radio, social networks, or instore broadcasting.

joppart voice over icon games

Voices played

For your dubbing, video games, podcasts, fiction or to animate your audiovisual projects such as motion design for example.

joppart voice over icon radio

Jingles & liners for TV & Radios

Recording to sign your web, DAB, TV or radio broadcast channels.

joppart voice over icon headset

Narrative voices

To give presence to your audio content and objects, podcasts, documentaries, audio books, audio guides, animated films.

joppart voice-over icon explanatory

Explanatory voices

Motivational support for all your tutorials, e-learning, training courses, video game audio presentations, mobile applications or answering machines, info kiosks, audiotels.

joppart voice-over icon institution

Institutional or informational voices

A reassuring voice to add credibility to your corporate and B2B projects: web videos, corporate films, awareness campaign videos.

Directed session via Source Connect
Session directed via SessionLinkPro
Directed session via Skype
Directed session via Teams

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